Complaints Process

How it works

There is a process that you are required to follow before lodging a complaint with our office. We can only accept a complaint if you have first lodged it with the relevant body or company. We deal with two different types of complaints, namely Credit Agreement complaints and Credit Bureau complaints. For each type there is a slightly different procedure to follow as set out in the complaints procedure for the different types of complaints.

When do we step in

First try to resolve your complaint with the credit/ service provider or credit bureau concerned. If you are still unhappy, or don’t get a response to your complaint within twenty (20) working days, you can approach us.

The next step

On receiving your Complaint Form, and assessing your complaint, we will
  • Ask you for more information or documents, if necessary
  • Inform the business concerned
  • Investigate the matter
  • Advise all parties of the outcome of our investigations and advise on the way forward

Lodging your complaint

We try to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible for consumers to log their complaints with our office. You can log the complaint telephonically and one of our agents will assist you to take down the details. Phone 0861 66 2837.

Alternatively, you can complete a Complaint Form, which you can do online at

You can also print it, complete it by hand and email to or post it to PO Box 805, Pinegowrie, 2123.

Any relevant documents that will assist us must be sent when lodging your complaint.