Vital to our success

Independence of the CO Office

It is vital to the success of the Credit Ombud Office that it is, and is perceived to be independent of the credit industry over which it has jurisdiction. The structure of the Credit Ombud ensures that the Office alone decides whether a Member (Credit Provider, Credit Bureau) has acted unfairly or unreasonably when investigating a complaint. There will be no undue influence in this process by any party.

To ensure this independence, the CO reports to the Credit Ombud Council which is represented by 3 constituencies: namely consumer bodies, the credit constituency and independent members.

Consumer Bodies

  • Black Sash
  • SA National Consumer Union
  • Woman's National Coalition

Credit Constituency

  • Banking Association
  • Credit Bureau Association
  • Credit Providers Association
  • Consumer Goods Council
  • Debt Councelling Association of South Africa
  • Micro Finance South Africa
  • Motor Vehicle Finance Association
  • National Clothing Retail Federation

Independent Members

  • Hassen Lorgat
  • Patricia McCracken
  • Siva Naidoo
  • Tefo Raditapole
  • Thuli Zungu
  • Tjaart van der Walt