Ombud Update – Volume 11

Manie Foreword
Manie_1403467455_1425885330 Although still in its early stages, 2015 is already showing signs of being another momentous year for the credit industry. I attended the Stellenbosch University legal aid centre’s court case which looked at the practices around Emolument Attachment Orders (EOAs) during the week of 16 February, which promises to have far reaching effects on our industry where EOAs are concerned.


Case Management Department
The newly formed case management department has settled down and things are running smoothly. There has been a slight increase in the total number of disputes received by the office in 2014, having opened a total of 5890 disputes. This has resulted in an increase of 0.2% when compared to 2013. The number of disputes closed also increased, totalling 6871 disputes closed, an increase of 4.1%, when compared to the previous year.


Consumer Education
Neo_1403467535_1425885249 We are already in the swing of things with our consumer education efforts going ahead full steam. The first few weeks of this year were mostly spent carving the path for this year and we have a jam packed March with many Double Impact (DI) sessions planned for the month. The fact that March is Consumer Month in South Africa, makes it even more apt that we will be having an added drive in engaging consumers during this time.


Expert Opinion
Report of the Credit Ombud

I am writing this last report with emotions of both sadness and pride. Sadness at leaving the organisation we founded ten years ago, a fragile organisation we had to manage with sensitivity and care to ensure it would stand the test of time. At the same time I am proud that I will be handing over a maturing organisation with a strong, independent Council, which applies strong corporate governance principles to ensure that we can serve all the relevant stakeholders, especially the credit industry.