Complaints Procedure

The steps to take

The complaint procedure for different types of complaints

i. Credit Bureau Complaints
ii. Credit Agreement Complaints

All debt counselling disputes and non-member disputes are referred directly to the NCR on or call 0860 627 627/011 554 2600.

All banking disputes are referred directly to the Ombudsman for Banking Services on or call 0860 800 900.

Credit Bureau Complaints

You may have a complaint about your credit bureau listing if, for instance, you applied for credit and you become aware that you are negatively affected due to incorrect or unfair credit information listed on your credit profile.

The Process to follow:

A: If your application for credit is refused, or you have a bad credit rating, find out the name of the credit bureau that provided the report.

B: Contact all four credit bureaus and request your free copy of your credit profile at the following numbers:

  • TransUnion: 0861 886 466
  • Experian: 0861 105 665
  • Compuscan: 0861 514 131
  • XDS: 0860 937 000
  • VeriCred – 087 150 3601
  • TPN – 0861 876 000

C: Check if the information is factually correct

D: If it is not, contact the relevant credit bureau and lodge a dispute with them to correct the information

E: The credit bureau must give you a reference number

F: The credit bureau must correct the information or resolve the dispute within 20 business days

G: If you are not satisfied with the outcome, or if you did not get an answer from the credit bureau, lodge a complaint with us.

We cannot provide you with your credit bureau report. Contact the credit bureaus to obtain your credit bureau report.

You are entitled to one free copy of your credit bureau report, once a year, from each one of the registered credit bureaus.

Credit Agreement Complaint

You may have a complaint arising from a credit agreement entered into with any one of the non-bank credit providers.

Examples are short-term unsecured money loans, furniture store accounts, clothing store accounts or even some motor vehicle finance or home loans.

Typical complaints that our legally qualified staff assist consumers with relate to a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Incorrect balances
  • Incorrect interest or fees being charged
  • Reckless lending and issues regarding affordability
  • If you are not able to obtain a statement of paid-up letter from your credit provider
  • A dispute about the terms of the agreement
  • Any issues relating to the collection of an outstanding debt – especially by debt collecting agencies
  • Cancellation of the agreement or a breach of the terms of the agreement by one of the parties

If you have a complaint about an Emolument Attachment order (monies being deducted from your salary) after defaulting on any of the types of agreements listed above we can also assist you.

The Process to follow:

  1. First try to resolve the complaint with the credit provider
  2. Remember to make notes of the names and telephone numbers of people you speak to (we will need that information)
  3. Give the credit provider 20 business days to resolve the complaint
  4. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, or if you did not get an answer from the credit bureau, lodge a complaint with us.

Complaints about credit agreements with any one of the registered banks must be referred to the Banking Ombud.